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    Halleluja! Bare i dag observerte jeg ei PT pÃ¥ Evo som hadde en litt eldre dame som kunde. Hun mÃ¥tte ta ettbeins knebøy med ett bein i en slynge, mens hun løftet en medisinball over hodet mellom hver rep. HVORFOR? Øvelsen var dessuten alt for tung for henne sÃ¥ det ble knapt knekk i knærne. Samme pt-dama presterte Ã¥ si til en kunde at «Hvis du vil ha SLANKE legger mÃ¥ du gjøre dette masse = tÃ¥hev i smithmaskinen&. Og dette betaler de 600kr time for. Frustrende Ã¥ observere

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    97321^&#&juiew8 It’s possible some supporters of theirs rallied behind ND to keep Syriza out. After Syriza’s imminent calamity at the helm, GD might reach Le Pen levels of support in the coming years. Even Greeks will learn that the solutions to problems wreaked by socialist multicultists isn’t a more extreme version of same.97321^&#&juiew8
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    Great post, Galit. Im making the same choice for my just turned three year old who makes the dec 3 cut off out here. He will start preschool next year, and K two years after that. He is slow to warm up and needs his transitional objects&I just dont see the rush. They have their whole lives to be in school. Its so much pressure. Emotional health is important too!

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    Demjenigen der die schönen Bilder von Bilbao gepostet hat :Das ist das Baskenland -nicht Spanien  wer sehen will wo die Gelder der EU hingegangen sind- nun- für den sollten sie mal Bilder aus dem Süden Spaniens postenSevillaz.B. oder die Autobahnen der Mittelmeer-Küste etc.Hier das mußten die Basken selbst finanzieren gegen den Willen Spaniens eskerik asko und übrigens &das Guggi muß ihnen auch nicht gefallen&

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    maeee estas de vuelta q exito, la botella de miados la mando un hp q estaba a mi lado, los frescos en balde costaban 2500,otro fumo mecha detas mio, yo fui de amarillo con lentejuelas!!!!!estuvo genial

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    Nel 1950 ero un bimbo di nove anni andavo a scuola dei fratelli delle scuole cristiane san giovanni battista in piazza Boccea a Roma. Mi sono recato con la scuola a piazza San Pietro dove si e affacciato Pio XII credo per lannunciazione dellImmacolata Concezione. Sono rimasto molto affascinato dal papa che ho da quel momento in poi sempre ammirato.Sono contento di aver appreso questa notizia a cui fermamente credo. Grazie

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